Jul 16 2014

Operating QRP While Camping July 2014

Ben Swayne VE7FDE operates QRP while camping in the Kamloops, BC area July 2014. Yaesu 817 with LDG 817 tuner, carolina windom off-center fed dipole.

Aug 18 2012

Using a JavaScript date like UTC

How I made ExtJs maintain local JavaScript dates in UTC for consistent date values across the time zones of an application's user base.

Aug 10 2012

Improving MarkDownDeep jQuery Editor Markup/Styles

How I fixed up the markdowndeep jQuery editor to have pixel perfect sizing within variable width containers (including percentage widths).

Nov 29 2011

FunnelWeb Blog First Impressions

This my first post in FunnelWeb Blog. These are my thoughts about what is awesome, what is missing and what I can contribute.